Employee timesheet app; how to motivate workers to use one

Are you a team manager working towards increased productivity, workflow, and profitability? Using an employee timesheet app sounds like the best way to get upturns. However, implementing this strategy is much of a task.

Tracking hours spent at work is more critical than most factors. Reports from Harvard’s review reveal how the U. S economy was devastated by $7.4 billion daily because employees couldn’t track their time accurately.

Our everyday activities keep us in a tight situation, and the last thing every employee wants to do is tracking seconds, minutes, and hours spent. It’s never easy at the onset; it takes consistency and discipline.

You, as an employer, should come to the rescue here. First, understand your primary motive, which is to make everyone embrace your choice of timekeeping app. Oh, wait! Employees have their reasons for disliking timesheet apps, so you must always motivate them. Create a support group if necessary.

Employee timesheet app; motivating your workers to use one

Remember, using a time clock software may sound new to many. You have to make your employees feel natural about it, not forgetting that it takes some time to adapt to this routine. Hence, follow the tips below and play an essential role in lifting your workers’ working spirits:

Stress tracking tool necessity

First of all, you have to let your employees know what’s in for them. In the shortest form to put it, be real. Here’s the time to address potential issues and erase emotions.

State the reasons for implementing electronic punch clocks — they have a legal path. Keeping a close eye on logging hours for accurate reading is necessary and limits issues. It helps record every time spent on a project.

I must say; employees have a lot to benefit from this new adjustment. Overworking becomes a thing of the past, and even when you do, you get paid for it. Why? Because the system records according to set durations. And legally, there’s a limit to the number of hours an employee can spend on a job, task, or project.

Make it a rewarding experience.

When planning to introduce a time clock, especially for the first time, be wary of its adverse effects. I’m talking of distrust and micromanagement. They don’t fit in properly, as your employees strongly need a support group. What’s a support group when you’re there already? Why not start rewarding outliers?

You have to, and when you give rewards, little did you know that you’ve just challenged all your employees to fierce competition in terms of performance.

Apprehend a two-way communication

Now that you’ve set up your tracking system and assigned projects to different employees, what’s next? Create space for two-way communication. Let your workers drop feedback on each feature used. It helps you to identify a problem before it arises.

Little did you know that your employees are getting a feel of importance mainly by giving them a chance to express their concerns and opinions. That way, you’ve just created a secure connection that continues to contribute to your company’s lifetime.

Set clear rules and make the system easy as possible

I keep stressing about this to all my business accomplices — don’t bore your workers with a complicated employee timesheet app.

Whichever tool you’re settling with has to be comfortable and transparent. Employees should be able to perform the necessary actions.

If you have to start a training session, do it. Take your time to enlighten your team until you’re sure of moving ahead. Brief these individuals over and over again on the whole process. Set time for practices, as well.

Celebrate wins

Experienced team managers know the work behind successful outcomes. Thus, they celebrate time tracking wins, whether big or small.

In some apps, employees get certified for boosting productivity. These are the ones you’ll see with a badge. In all, showing your appreciation may seem like nothing, but it’s one of the significant triggering sources of success.


Wait! Did you think implementing the employee timesheet app and getting the best from it would happen overnight? Well, you thought wrong. It’s never late to start orienting your employees. State your reasons for adopting a timekeeping software. Set governing rules, and learn and watch for what works. Lastly, show gratitude over profitability.