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Real-Time Tracking

Beef up your service offerings Unlock the power of precise location-based control with our cutting-edge geofencing feature. In an era where real-time information and efficient operations are paramount, knowing where your assets, employees, or resources are at any given moment can be a game-changer. Our geofencing technology takes tracking and management to the next level, offering you unparalleled control and insights into your physical operations.

Alternatively, our QR code functionality offers a seamless solution for remote clock-ins. Whether your employees are working from client locations, home offices, or on the go, all they need is a smartphone. They can simply scan a QR code placed at the designated remote work site to punch in.

With our powerful geofencing feature, you can effortlessly track your team’s movements and activities, no matter where they are. Define virtual boundaries and authorized punch zones, ensuring that your team members can only clock in and out from designated locations.


geo fencing
Security Services

Ensure guards are where they need to be for optimal site protection and rapid response to incidents.


Monitor on-site attendance, enhance safety, and streamline project management with precise location tracking.


Improve caregiver punctuality for in-home visits, ensuring patient care remains uninterrupted and efficient.

Real Estate Management

Keep an eye on property maintenance crews and security personnel for efficient property management.


Set up authorized punch-only zones directly from within your user-friendly dashboard. With just a few clicks, you can define specific geographic areas where punch-ins and punch-outs are permitted. This powerful feature ensures that your workforce clocks in precisely where they need to be, maintaining accurate time records and providing an extra layer of control and security. Say goodbye to worries about time fraud or unauthorized punches and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with streamlined, location-based time tracking.


  • Enhanced Location Awareness Geofencing provides real-time tracking and monitoring of assets, employees, or visitors within defined areas.

  • Job Site Attendance Track worker attendance, enhancing accountability and project progress.

  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Optimize resource allocation, such as staff, equipment, or vehicles, to reduce operational costs.

  • Proactive ManagementIdentify and address issues promptly, enabling timely interventions and better management of operations.

  • Compliance and Reporting Ensure compliance with location-specific regulations and generate location-based reports for analysis and audits.


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