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Seamless Timekeeping for All Businesses

PunchClock (Artificial Intelligence) is a fully digital time clock, which allows any business with Hourly Paid workers to accurately and efficiently calculate employee’s weekly, biweekly or monthly pay.


  • Facial recognition
  • Fingerprint recognition
  • RFID keycard recognition
  • Geofence Options
  • Pinpads Punches
  • WhatsApp punches
  • QR Code Punches
  • Add or edit staff times on the fly
  • Shift and rota management
  • Staff portal
  • Export to muliple payroll Apps
  • Payroll budget forecasting
  • Live Device Tracking
  • 24hr support available


Save Money

Accurate time keeping for accurate hours. Get real time data when an employee clock's in and clock's out.

Save Time

Take back valuable hours in your day, calculating employee's time. We generate accurate time sheets with one click.

Increase Productivity

PunchClock takes over the time keeping so you can spend time improving your business and increasing profits.


6 ways to Punch
Your time is our business

Facial Recognition

Using the latest facial matching technology, we are able to accurately assign punches even in the lowest of light. PPE equipment, Glasses, Hats, Mask, Sun glasses are no problem.

RFID Card and Keyfob

Our in-built RIFD receiver means that we can also process keycards and fobs for timed punches. Our system is ready to process your timed punches, ensuring every second counts.


With our intuitive mobile app, you can delineate authorized punch zones using geo-location, ensuring staff clock-ins are always within your designated areas.



Sometimes, classic methods stand the test of time. Our pinpad allows employees to clock in and out swiftly using a unique five-digit code, merging tradition with efficiency.


Ideal for remote workers or those always on the move, a simple message ensures their work hours are accurately logged. Clock in and out by simply sending a message.

QR Code

Employees simply scan and go, making it one of the most straightforward clocking methods available. Place QR codes at any location and use any mobile phone to Punch-In and Punch-Out


  • Add or edit staff times on the fly
  • Generate employee Late reports
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Check device up-time status remotely
  • Unlimited site deployment
  • Overtime tracking
  • Extra pay tracking
  • Shift and rota management
  • Payroll budget forecasting
  • Set Overtime & Holiday Pay
  • Vacation and Time off tracking
  • Employee document storage
  • Administrator manual override for time adjustments
  • Staff portal
  • Export to muliple payroll suite

Calculate how much paper timesheets is costing you

If as a company you pay by the hour, use the slides below to get an estimate on how much money you could potentially loose to time theft

How many employees do you have on your current project/ Job

How many months will your project run

How much average worker makes per hour

How many projects you have per year


If 80% of your workforce steals 20 mins per day, this will cost you in over payment per year

** 5min late at job start , 10min late from lunch , 5min early at end of day.

How to use timesheets to make your building site more efficient

Almost every company, if not all, knows what a construction timesheet is The banks, production companies, mining industries, and many other sectors utilize this data accumulation method to favor their businesses in the long run. Read more
Dating back to the existence of this recording method, especially in the early days, has been of high potential to many. The first construction timesheet came in the form of a 'time book' in the 19th century. Then it was all stuffed with the company's agenda and working hours, as many begin to utilize this strategy in the best way they can. A breakthrough came, and innovations have been happening since then.


Importance of a construction timesheet
A construction timesheet is a common technique used in monitoring employees' working hours. It helps ease the workflow and yields a stable workforce. The big businesses you see today excel because they keep accurate tracks on their workers and projects. You must be willing to sacrifice your fortune for good employee time tracking as an employer. What's holding you back from implementing what is termed as an inefficiency-killer? Why do companies ensure this recording method is in place? Honestly, for many reasons, a timesheet is beneficial. Today, there are various on-site tracking tools with this feature. The absence of this tracking method is, without a doubt, a disaster. It sits on the company's back until the load becomes onerous for the employer to handle. As a result, he/she may have to take losses or pay workers even when in debt. For clarity's sake, there are government policies attached to the business world, one of which covers an employer and his workers. There's a way you task your staff members that, when observed, attract massive lawsuits. To finalize, using a running time clock is necessary for every business, as it helps to yield optimal outputs.


Online time clocks
An online time clock works in the direction of project tracking and management. This new method was sourced from the obsession many had with construction timesheets. Indeed, the benefits are apparent. If you check the internet today, it hosts many time tracking tools: the good, the best, and the best. Tons of platforms promote digital tracking systems, with lots of them consisting of different features. The features vary, and all work for the betterment of sales or production output; so are the benefits. Here are the things you're likely to enjoy by switching from paper spreadsheets to using electronic time cards: Quick and effortless accumulation What's your primary purpose for using a time clock software? To track working hours, precisely, by accumulating data, I guess. Using a paper spreadsheet requires so much time, and honestly, no one is prone to error. It blurs your path towards transparent and accurate accumulation, which, in turn, backfires at you and your workers. And why's that? Keeping manual tracks of working hours is like a load on the neck. Hardly will you get a correct analysis. And for a business like yours, you need adequate data to implement payrolls and other essentials. Accuracy Automated tracking software puts a wow on every employer's face if he/she knows how to use one effectively. You can never get the wrong accumulation if you play your roles right. Another thing; data is synced already, and the tools keep records of every action: logged hours, punch in and out periods, off-duty hours, and all sorts. Favorable outcomes A construction timesheet has high potential. The worth of your business lies in it. If you toy with this asset, you toy with the existence of your company. First of all, government compliance is foremost. The inability to comply and work according to policies attracts fines and petitions. On a bright side, using a tracking software comes with favorable outcomes - uncountable - to be precise. You begin to experience growth in your business. Put this way; you'll know everything about your business.


Statistics will tell what's working, what's not, how many projects can be done within given periods, and the potential of your employees. Sure to say, you can identify the skilled workers in your list after approving a couple of time cards. What's in a construction timesheet? What's in there? What you want should be there. The needed information and data should be present as accumulated data. Attached to hours tracked are specific data, and these things notify you about what you need to know. You are to choose the data you want to be monitoring, so selecting a tool with your needs would do instead. Although there are many features of a construction timesheet, the primary ones include:

  • Personal data of all employees
  • Number of hours spent on projects and their cost code
  • The set duration of the timesheet
  • Any additional information and claim
  • Both the employer and his/her employees' signature
Timesheets workflow Once you set up a timesheet, the next phase involves its approval. Then, everything was done manually. Employees have to upload their files and email manually on the administrator's timeline, and he/she approves. Now, the process has evolved - thanks to the existence of automated software, time card approval is swift and effortless. In this system, your timesheets automatically go to the administrator (your boss, supervisor, or team manager). Immediately, he/she receives the notification and confirms the card with just a few clicks.


The advancement and future of digital timesheets
Over time, there'll be many innovations when it comes to a construction timesheet. Investors are working hard to completely automate the whole process using what the techies call 'smart hardware.' Even now, there are advanced tracking methods, with outstanding features. For security purposes, facial and fingerprint recognition have been introduced on smartphones to prevent impersonation and fraud. What should we expect shortly - I keep asking. It'd be nice to have smart hardware installed in several offices - something that captures your presence without you doing anything. However, digital construction timesheets are sure to continue scaling in the business and financial world. No doubt, it is already a part of the field.

Quick & Easy
Process to manage

PunchClock provides you with a Tablet or Handheld Device which can be placed anywhere for your employees to securely Clock in and Clock out. This is a live system which is connected via Data and/or WIFI, so Managers or Supervisors can log in at any time to keep track of employees.

check Secure and reliable
check Integrated payroll system
check Accurate time tracking

Get the Real time
Data Analytics

Integrate our timeclock device into your workflow and see how easy it is to get a handle on your employee timekeeping

check Dual Clock in & Clock out Methods - Use the facial recognition feature or if you prefer the electronic key fob to clock in and out.
check Accurate Pay Slips- Generate printable pay slips for your workforce that are correct each and every time.
check Auto Tax Calculation - Setup employee tax contributions, overtime rates, holiday pay and weekend pay and more.

Perfect solution
for your business

PunchClock uses Facial Recognition Technology and/or RFID tags (Key Cards, Fobs) to securely record the employee’s time. With our facial recognition technology, buddy punching becomes a thing of the past, and accurate, reliable time tracking becomes a thing of the present. Each device also has a manual override for managers/supervisors to Clock in or Clock out an employee.


Say good bye to paper timesheets

Streamline your business process, manage your employees and become more organize with our timetracking software.

  • Facial recognition
  • Fingerprint recognition
  • RFID keycard recognition
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Generate Accurate Pay Slips
  • Set Overtime & Holiday Pay
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Cash Advance Deductions
  • Generate Cash Denominations
  • Generate Cheques Payments
  • Generate Payroll Authorization
  • Multiple Location Usage
  • Live Device Tracking
  • 24hr support available

Choose your plan

Our pricing is tailored to help you save time and cost. We include the device to and Data Sims to ensure continuous live connectivity to ensure productivity.

  • 1-10 Employees
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  • 11-31 Employees
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  • 31+ Employees
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* SIM option for Punchclock Devices available

** Quickbooks subscription not included

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