Maintaining optimal employee time tracking strategies

It was tough finding the right employee time tracking tool to use, I guess. Now that you’ve found one, what’s next? Does the tool do all the work? Literally, yes. But practically, no! You also have your part to play in making sure accurate readings are kept.

What’s my point? How you handle a timekeeping tool matters, regardless of its quality. It is possible to get an excellent time clock and still experience adverse outcomes. What’s the cause, you may ask? Not the tool — not the workers — but your way of handling the process.

Thus, I’d be sharing with you six secret tips to enjoy using any employee time tracking system. Stay tuned!

Six secrets for maintaining optimal employee time tracking

Today, almost all businesses are working remotely, and statistics show that, in a few years, there’ll be a lot more online working.

A good time tracking software has proven its potential in the sense that it can monitor employees’ working hours. It also adds tons of benefits and makes a business scale higher. 

The following tips will put you through and help you contain the technical change, especially if you’re trying online time clocks for the first time:

Keep an equal phase

Put another way, use the same platform for every worker. Honestly, this sounds like the best way to develop a well-oiled company. Another thing; you must be consistent.

Imagine what would happen if your employees use different tracking tools. Right! An entropic and disordered feel would storm the whole office. Instead, keep an equal phase.

Points are earned, especially when you stay on an administrative level, where you can monitor everyone’s progress.

Be proactive with your guidelines and policies.

You don’t want your employees threading the wrong path. Hence, it isn’t ideal to suggest a time tracking tool without putting them through the process. What exactly is required of you then?

Call everyone together and enlighten your workers about the tracking software, basically everything about the tool.

Also, shell the essentials for productivity, since you aren’t going to be studying what your employees eat or how they exit the work premises. You assigned a project, right? That’s what you should be tracking. Your preferred formatting style, storage technique, check-out method — and all sorts —contributing to the growth of production.

Assess software potential

So many people make the common mistake of opting for an attendance software without assessing its potential. It would be best if you were selective, as your workers need the best service for working remotely.

First, your tracker’s choice has to be mobilized and easy to use, one that doesn’t require sophisticated training.

Employees must be able to stop and start the time within seconds, regardless of the task at hand.

Study outliers

The real action begins when you’ve given out a task to your workers. As an administrator, you should be looking out for one thing: outliers. Yes, these people have the keys to successful outcomes.

Of course, you may assign projects with different working durations. Check for these two pinpoints: the workers that worked more hours and finished a splendid job before their deadlines.

Be prepared to turn inefficiency to productivity.

Of course, you’ll be studying the time each worker spends on assigned tasks. This will help to identify obstacles and point out inefficiency.

Put another way; you’ll become aware of the different types of projects. At this stage, having a clear picture of simple and complex jobs is no new thing. One more thing: you have to shell your employees and help them to develop their weak points.

Eliminate incompetency

Make it look like you’re undergoing an experiment. What good is insightful knowledge gotten if it doesn’t yield any success? Start developing new ideas. Drop what doesn’t work and embrace the right strategies.

However, be considerate when trying new things. Mean to say; it is a good idea. Thus, only stick to it if it works fine.


Getting the best results from employee time tracking is achievable if you spend time to learn about useful strategies. By doing this, your company will continue to grow in terms of productivity. Pinpointing problems and ideas become manageable, and you must always find a way to improve.  Therefore, avoid settling for less.