Must-have features for every Timesheet App & Software

Working as a team to boost productivity is essential and in progress when you use a Timesheet App & Software system. The benefits vary, and features are widespread.

Although time clock software has extras to suit the needs of both the employer and employees, does that mean you shouldn’t know what’s vital for you?

The attendance tracking market is trendy and productive, but it is also full of sweet mouths. In all, your needs are what matters.

Thanks to modern time clocks, as they include satisfying features, ranging from invoicing to GPS tracking — and all sorts. Yes, the market has excessive functions, but you mustn’t toy with must-have features.

Must-have features for every Timesheet App & Software

There are some features that, if not found on a time clock, makes the software useless. Sure to say, there’s no way you can get the best workflow with them. Consider any timekeeping tool void if it doesn’t possess the following features.

Easy Interface

An easy-to-use interface always comes first. Without this component, trust me; you’re just playing around. And it’s more reason you should interact with your employees on which tracking software to use — not only based on your choices or opinions.

Okay, say, you went ahead to choose software without your workers’ consent. What if they find it complicated? Some attendance software requires extensive training. Do you want to bore them out until they get frustrated? Of course, no!

Hence, decide on a Timesheet App & Software system together. The process may take a long while — don’t worry — that’s normal.

Improved billing and invoicing.

Your billings and time logs are two critical data that should be kept together, as it helps increase gains. Other benefits come with this feature, one of which includes project clarity. The timesheet apps tell you which project is more expensive, which takes prolonged hours, and the early outliers.

What is more exciting is the automated system, as it estimates statistics from data and reports collected. Your knowledge of projects assigned keeps improving if this feature is in place.

Guidelines for approval

Sometimes, things go sideways, and you begin to feel the defaults attached. Well, you can choose not to experience issues whenever things don’t go as planned.

Your employees may need to take leaves, probably because they need to attend to health or family issues. Timesheet App & Software systems come to the rescue here. They record off-duty hours and give the team manager precise results of all the happenings.

Its advanced feature lets you monitor, confirm, or decline a timesheet. Some introduce a comment section for instructing and correcting employees. Auto-approvals are best utilized if employees have no team manager or an administrator.


Mobile versions of timesheet apps are instrumental in today’s marketing world, primarily if everyone works remotely. You can track and monitor working hours alongside other necessities without moving out of your home or comfort.

Just accept the fact; you have many options to choose from, as there is so much time clock software for smartphones. Interestingly, they come with thrilling features. Mobile employee punch clocks are well-versed with advanced functions, be it time cards approval, punching in and out, or GPS tracking.

Tracking time from locations serves a team manager well, as it’s useful for business trips and on-the-go workers. Are you out of connection? Worry less. The sync process works perfectly fine for just that. Timesheet displays clearly, just like it does on a desktop, as soon as your internet comes up.

Absence supervision

You can supervise off-duty hours and give reports based on the happenings. For what reason? To keep a good workflow and strengthen the workforce. HR management uses this feature to determine available resources and utilize them properly. Regulating work time and absent hours is now achievable automatically — all thanks to the absence management system.


You’re still hanging around the block if you haven’t decided yet. Check for the essentials above before introducing a Timesheet App & Software system to your employees. Never neglect the potential of additional features but take the must-have components into considerations first. More importantly, match them with your needs. Try new things and stick to the ones that work — only then will your productivity boost rapidly.